Russia has invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked attack that has been condemned by the international community.

Ukraine is in desperate need of aid and medical supplies, and will continue to need ongoing support for a long time to come.

This fund has been set up by our cousin, who served as a Marine in two tours in Afghanistan, and one tour in Georgia. For the past two years he has been working and living in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. In the week leading up to the invasion by Russia, he was safely moved to Poland. Given his background and current situation, he has access to goods that he can transport to other friends and family in Ukraine.

All donation funds will be tracked and purchase information posted. We will make every effort to make fund allocations as transparent as possible.


So far, every item purchased has been specifically requested by direct contacts in the fight. The most requested and desperately needed items are:

  • night vision goggles
  • thermals
  • power banks
  • two-way radios
  • drones
  • kevlar helmets
  • body armor
  • binoculars
  • range finders
  • gore-tex suits
  • backpacks
  • uniforms
  • boots
  • headlamps
  • sleep systems
  • infantry first aid kits (IFAKs)
  • meals ready to eat (MREs)

We have currently bought out all optics (and some other things) in this area of Poland. If anyone wants to help by donating gear, please do! Priority goes to night vision goggles, thermals, radios, and drones.

For anyone that wants to ship supplies directly, please email for shipping details.

Please keep these tips in mind if you are shipping items directly:

  • Send packages in stable cardboard boxes
  • List what items are within the box in clear writing (for customs, and so we don't have to rip the box open to do inventory)
  • If you want to send bandages, please only send combat gauze, pressure dressings, or similar. "Normal" bandages take up too much space, are cheap, and are easily improvised in combat. They are currently the primary things that are left behind in each load across the border.


The UABA (Ukrainian American Bar Association) has started a petition to have NATO close all airspace above Ukraine.